Possible Moves in Blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular choice for players looking to play a card game. While playing blackjack is very easy, playing blackjack well is much more difficult. The first step to becoming good at blackjack is knowing all the rules and what you can and cannot do. In blackjack, a player can take five distinct actions. These are stay, hit, split, double down, and surrender. When a player stays it means they do not wish to be dealt anymore cards. A hit is the exact opposite where a player accepts an additional card from the dealer to add to his or her hand. When a player splits he or she makes two hands out of the first two cards that he or she was dealt. Doubling down is when a player accepts one more card and only one in return for doubling his bet on the hand. Surrendering is where a player can surrender his or her hand and get half of his or her chips back.

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